Kite for Sale - Philippines - Kitesurfing
Kite for Sale - Philippines
Kite for Sale - Philippines


KITE IN NEGROS is offering you a broad choice of 2nd hand kitesurf equipment: Kite / Bar / Harness / Pumps...

Kite for sale Philippines - Dumaguete Ki
Kitesurf board for sale
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Sunblock - Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete
Kitesurf Shirt - Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

Zinc Stick are available in various colors:

- 700 php


Get it all for - 4000 php (70€)

  • Rash-guard to protect your skin

  • Zinc Stick to protect your face

  • KIN cap - to protect your head

  • Sea-specs glasses to protect your eyes

Kitesurf package 2019 prom
Sea specs - surf glasses - Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

Seaspecs are available in various colors:

- 2000 php

Rashguards are available in various colors and size:

- 1200 php

Kitesurf Hats  - Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

surfer hat are available 

- 1000 php


Kite In Negros Caps are available 

- 700 php

Kitesurf repair and Tuning - Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

We have a large variety of parts to fix your kites and boards.

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