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Diving and Snorkeling

Apparently people like to dive!

In case of days with less wind or if you need a break, go see the fish :)

We advise you to go to Bongo Bongo

They are super friendly and they have regular trips to Apo Island!

For basic snorkeling, some small reef in front of Kav's / Lavanya... super near to the spot

Dauin is a great place for snorkeling in the marine sanctuary.

Waterfalls and Hotsprings

Go there by yourself or let us guide you :)

- Renting a bike is easy and will cost you about 2000 pesos a week / 400 a day. If you ask us to arrange it for you, we can pass few phonecalls

- Easy to fin, at approximately 20 minute drive from the spot

- Hot spring, super hot, are easily accessible, with a bit of a hike.