Surfkite in Philippines

We are lucky in Kite in Negros, we operate in an area blessed by the wind and warm waters!

Even in case of light wind, Surfboards are available to ride strapless in our perfect spot of Zamboanguita.

Most of the days, Twintip kitesurfing is fine in 9 or 12, although, like anywhere else, the trade wind called Amihan, takes a rest and leave us no choice than to ride in almost flat water in 12 or 14m... what a shame!

We are able to teach strapless riding to those who already ride properly in Twintip.

Strapless kitesurfing will lead you to a completely new domain in your rider's life, it is more in finesse, less exhausting for the legs, it's fast and it's smooth. For those who have the ambition of trying the foil, it is also a necessary step to be able to ride a bit strapless before you give foil a try.

See you soon at Kite in Negros

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