Kitesurf Coaching session in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental

Well, you're a kitesurfer already, you're in Philippines for long or just for vacation and you have the wish to get better at what you like to do the most... we can help!

Kitesurfing skills is something that takes time to build up, you have to try many times before you pass a new trick or simply make a smooth transition. In Kite In Negros, we offer kitesurf coaching during the Amihan season, for riders who are already able to kite upwind.

What do we offer:

- Training 1on1, fully personalised and adapted to your need and request

- Use you own equipment or rent from us

- Video coaching available

- Radio coaching is available

- Rescue available

During the kitesurf coaching, your instructor will demonstrate the skills you have to learn, decompose the trick, help you understand the critical parts of the trick and give you some feedback with the help of video on your performance.

Example of tricks you can learn from us in very short time:


- Transition

- Carving turn

- Toeside Riding

- Jump and pop

- Jump transition

- downloop transition


- Grabs

- bigger jumps

- downloop landing

- Backrolls


The list is long!!

For more info, contact Kite In Negros-----> HERE

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