Strapless kitesurf in Philippines

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Strapless kitesurfing is for waves but not only!

Strapless kitesurfing is for advance riders but not only!

Strapless Kitesurf Philippines Dumaguete
Strapless Kitesurf Philippines

When you think about it, you ride your twintip in the worst conditions ever or in the best spots with pure flat water, you are having a lot of fun... now imagine doing the same riding with less risk for your knees and ankles... tempting right?

You can start riding strapless when:

- you are able to ride on a TT, upwind of course and do some basic transitions

- you have a good kite control, even in lightwind

- you are proficient in upwind body-dragging

All what you need is a board that's not too small, gentle wind (15 knots) and not too much chop.

Kitesurfing without strap will give you a feeling of riding much more smoothly, in a non aggressive manner and with much less risk of injury for your lower limbs.

What board for strapless kitesurfing as a beginner? anything with volume will do the job... don't take a board that's too narrow or too short at the beginning... a 5'10 (or 5'4 if noseless) for anyone around 70-80 kg. Sure you have a friend who got one and can let you try!

What kite to start riding strapless? A race kite will not be the best option... a all around kite that you're already use to will perfectly fit the practice of strapless kitesurfing.

Strapless Kitesurf Philippines

Why starting to learn strapless in the Philippines?

Well, water is super warm, breeze is steady during 6 months a year, Amihan season from November till beginning of May. So you can imagine that you'll be in ideal situation for your first step in strapless riding.

In Kite In Negros, we have several board to learn the basics of strapless... and we have deepwater, so you won't damage the fins on corals... Last season, some student have given it a try and they loved it... pretty sure we got them hooked up with the delight and freedom of strapless!

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