What does it take to start kitesurfing

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

You want to start kitesurfing, great, we are here to help!! Before your lesson starts, lets go through the prerequisite that you need to know:

- Kitesurfing is a sport: you need to have a decent physical condition and a bit of endurance. Having good abs and core will help.

- Kitesurfing is a water sport: you must know how to swim.

- Kitesurfing is an extreme sport: Don't learn on your own, ask a professional to teach you. Your safety is important and you will not be able to fully understand all your beginner flaws if you are not assisted by a coach

Choose your school: have a quick look at the reviews of the school before you enroll in class. Kite in Negros has the privilege to have great reviews and this type of comment left online by other users makes us proud and also kinda guarantee a great level of prestation (check our TRIP ADVISOR)

Choose private lesson over group lessons... you will learn much more efficiently and you'll make your money worth. Group lessons are often a pity as the instructor as to spend time with up to 4 student at time, which doesn't let you practice much

Make sure you understand what you're going for and what type of spot it is...

- The wind should be around 12 to 20-25 knots... some school are created in spot where there's barely any wind, or some schools keep on teaching event with winds above 30 knots, which is insane for beginners.

- Avoid crowded spots... kitesurfing or learning how to kite when surrounded by dozens of other riders or beginners can be dangerous, as you may not yet fully control your kite... neither do the guy next to you, which can lead to accidents.

- The wind should be sideshore or sideon for your safety. Never take lessons, nor kite by yourself, in offshore wind, as in case of problem, you'll be pushed away from the shore by the wind.

Spend a lot of time reading and reviewing tutorial before you start the lesson, that will help you understand all the instruction of the teacher much faster and you'll be able to assimilate the infos efficiently.

Be prepared:

- Bring a short and a rashguard with long sleeve

- Get a kitesurfing sunglasses (seaspecs are great)

- Get a hat or a cap

- Get some sunblock (Sun Zapper, any zinc based sunblock does it)

- in some spots, booties can be recommended

- Bring water on the spot so you can rehydrate

- Bring a snack (fruit, cookies...) as refuelling is maybe needed and a hungry stomach is not ideal to learn.

Be well rested... the beginning in kitesurfing can be demanding physically, so better avoid being sleepy at the beginning of the lesson

Trust your instructor... he is teaching you what you need to know and you should sometimes be very focused to follow his instructions.

Dont be stubborn... repeating the same mistake will rarely lead you to success.

Be stubborn... repeat the same skill until you master it! There will be some delicate moment during the learning process: Body dragging upwind and waterstart are two of the big steps that some students may face hard time to deal with... don't loose hope, practice until it synq in!

Be receptive: you're taking lessons to learn, all your senses should be used!

- Listen the instructor

- Look at your kite and use the visual perception to anticipate the kite movement

- feel the bar, know when to pull or release

- taste the salty water

- smell the smooth fragrance of victory

Know when to stop:

If you are doing repetitively the same mistake, maybe you are out of focus, and that means that the time you are spending trying to learn a new skill is lost... make a break, chat a bit with your instructor on the beach and then go again!

If you see that the same mistakes keep on happening or that you're not receptive to the instruction anymore, don't be afraid to shorten the lessons or to take a longer break. In Kite In Negros, we will never push to accomplish the previously agreed session duration, if we see that you're not making the progress needed.

Have fun:

It is important to get a bit of excitement, learning how to kite should be a great moment, that you'll always remember, so don't hesitate to get as much fun as you need.

Some of the skills you'll need to learn will help you for that... your first body-drag, your first massive power stroke and your first good waterstart will be memories stuck in your head for the rest of your life... enjoy them!!

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