French kitesurfing girl in the Philippines

Kitesurf in Philippines, no one else in the spot

Kitesurfing is not so complicated, it takes a great spot, some wind, equipment and a good instructor. That's all the factors that we had combined few weeks ago, to start a great kitesurf training in Philippines. The kitesurf school is located in the south of Dumaguete, but because the wind was great in Siquijor, we decided to do a kitesurf trip to the best spot for the season.

Kitesurfing in Philippines is mostly done during the month of November till May, but the wind has just been so good recently that we keep the kitesurf school semi open for the low season.

We teach kitesurfing in French, English and very soon, some new languages will come

On this spot, we have super flat water and a large bay, that is very secured for beginners. The safety while kitesurfing is very important, that's why we never teach in conditions that are not appropriate.

Kitesurf photography with a problem on the focus

The progress in kitesurfing were very fast and the result that we managed to get were as good as we could have hoped, going upwind and starting to turn...

Kitesurfing in Philippines with a twist

And then, at the end of the day, the instructor has to get also a bit of fun!!

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