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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

You made the right choice for your kite destination. The Philippines is a country of more than 7000 islands and there are for sure few of them that have attracted your interest. If you’ve heard of the Philippines for your kitesurf destination, you might have seen pictures or videos of Boracay. Fortunately, there are many other awesome spots, aside from Boracay. Many spots to explore and discover… if you go even out of the beaten path, you might be the first person to kitesurf in this spot. Virgin island, reefs, shallow, mild wind, warm water… all conditions can be found and you will obviously find your heaven.

Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete
Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

Prior to kite with us in the Philippines, you’ll have to go trough several steps, involving some logistics.

  • Flight ticket - passport. To come to the Philippines, get a flight to Manila or Cebu. Depending of your place of origin, you’ll have to do a stop-over in Asia or in Middle East, so choose well your flight! Once you arrive in Manila or Cebu, you have to go to the immigration (a passport with minimum 6 month of validity and an outbound flight is necessary). You’ll have to get your bag from your international flight and check it again on your internal flight if you’re flying again. To reach us in Negros Island, you’ll have to fly to Dumaguete. For the internal flight, the best company is Cebu Pacific. You can check in your 20Kg board bag for about 30$. From Cebu, you can also come to Kite In Negros by boat and bus. All information about how to get to Kite In Negros are HERE.

  • You have to plan your itinerary, a bit or not at all… Transportation in The Philippines is easy, and cheap. A boat ride cost less than 5$ and a flight can be purchased last minute for about 50$. If you want to give yourself some time and be flexible on you Kitesurf Trip to adapt to the best weather conditions, I’d recommend to do last minute bookings…

  • What kind of equipment should you bring? Get your board bag reasonably small, the wind is likely to be within a range from 15 to 25 knots, so for a 80kg rider, 9 and 12 is recommended. Some spots are very shallow, so you might want to check before bringing your surfboard… In Kite In Negros, we have mostly deep water with no underwater hazards, directional board are welcome! Think also that you can rent an extra kite for a very reasonable price. A day of Kite rental in Kite in Negros is cheap anyway… For more info about what to bring in your board bag, have a look HERE.

Girl model kitesurf Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete
Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

  • Accommodation is another point of discussion. All price range of accommodation is available in Philippines. For 7$ you can have bunk in a backpacker dorm. For 20$, you can get a private room in a basic hotel, next to the sea. 35$ can get you a really nice room in a 4* resort, with pool, TV and breakfast included. To check the accommodation available near Kite In Negros, have a look HERE.

  • Contact the kite school next to where you’ll kite before you arrive. There are some spot with restriction or things that any kitesurfer needs to know before you get to the water. Most of the kite shop are usually very happy to provide you with some infos.

  • Bring money. In Philippines, ATM are not everywhere and it can happen that you’ll have to travel quite a bit before you get to an ATM that can accept an international card. Withdraw enough money in a larger town before you start to get lost in the wilderness of the Philippines. Think also that for your daily expenses, 20$ / 1000 pesos will get you a long way. There are some small shops that won’t accept your 1000 bills… Keep your small change or try to breakdown your large bills in your hotel or the 7/11 on the way… 1L of water cost 20pesos, paying it with your 1000 bill might bring your some frowning.

  • Sunblock and other sun protection. Get some sunblock (zinc stick is available in Kite In Negros Shop), shades, hat etc… The sun will hit you hard and you don’t want to have to cure your sunburns after the first day kitesurfing. A rash guard is really necessary too.

Kitesurf girl wearing sunblock on her face Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete
Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

  • Spots are everywhere! Choose well. Some have good review, some don’t. There are even some kite shop in places that are not windy… Look for the clues! I you see mostly pictures that looks like each others in term of sky and sea state or a FB page that posts a lot about the parties that happen next to the spot, it can be a sign that there might not be such a frequency of good weather conditions, propice for kitesurfing.

Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete
Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete

  • The wind season is from November till April (May in Kite In Negros, as we have a great venturi effect). It is called Amihan. The trade wind coming from North East is usually mild and warm. Some typhoons sometimes come till December… They are not friendly for us as they mostly kill the trade wind. The low season, Habagat, from June to October is not that bad… That’s a good way to explore other spots that are not favorable to Amihan.

Kitesurf Philippines Kitesurf Dumaguete Wind statistic
Wind statistic Kite In Negros Philippines

  • Climate is usually very good during the Amihan season. The wind is pushing the rain away. It only rains in an annoying manner in the north of the Philippines. Negros Island is usually dry and rain / overcast weather is not frequent. The temperature from November till March is around 28-29 degrees and from April till May, it’s warmer.. around 30-31°C, with lighter wind…

Turtle In Apo Island Kitesurf Philippines, Kitesurf Dumaguete
Turte Apo Island - Colin Salmon Photography

  • There are many other activities to be done around Philippines. If you’re traveling with non-kitesurfer, you can keep them busy with diving, snorkelling, hikes, cheap massage… you name it!

  • Bike rental. One of the key point of your trip… you’ll be much happier if you can rent a bike, that will save you a lot of time. For a week, expect to have to pay around 30/40$. Always wear a helmet, even if other’s don’t…

  • Nightlife: Nightlife is everywhere and nowhere… depends where you stay. If you want parties, go not to far from a Big city… For us, Around the spots, it is usually calm in the evening, aside from local parties, which can be very fun to attend.

at the bar in Kite In Negros Kitesurf Philippines, Kitesurf Dumaguete
at the bar in Kite In Negros

  • Your total budget… if you get to bring your own Kitesurf gears for your Philippines Kitesurf trip, expect to have to spend as a minimum 10-15$ a day if you’re on budget, 40$ for a solo confortable traveler, 60$ for a couple in a loose budget, 150$ for a couple not on budget at all.

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