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Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Kitesurfing in Philippines is done during the Northern Hemisphere winter... From November till April. The amihan is the name of the trade from North East wind that blows on the Philippines at that season. To be opposed to Habagat, the wet monsoon from the South West from June till October.

The season that we prefer the most is the Amihan, the wind is there almost everyday and it's much more consistant.

At some point, it is not even usefull to check the forecasts, we just know the wind will be there and we will be able to kitesurf!

Kite wind amihan Philippines kite season
Habagat Wind Philippines Typhoon wind

During the Amihan, the wind is coming from the North East, at around 15 to 25 knots... but not everywhere! Places like Siargao don't get that much wind, Bohol neither... Those places are not to be recommended for kitesurfers from November till May, as it seriously lacks of decent conditions.

In Kite In Negros, we are blessed with a venturi effect (wind is funnelled) by the relief of the Land masses. Cebu Island and Bohol start the funnel and then Negros and Siquijor, and ultimately Apo Island is creating a great wind acceleration... right up to the beach of Zamboanguita.

Main wind Amihan Philippines Kitesurf Negros Map
Zoom wind kitespot philippines wind venturi effect best spot Philippines

All this conjonction of natural occurence create a perfect spot for the kitesurf and the windsurf in Philippines. This also allows the wind to be very weak everywhere else, when in Kite In Negros, we still get enough wind to kite! For more Info: Click Here

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