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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It's a bit hard to find the proper equipment for kitesurfing in the Philippines... I had struggle to find my gears when I first travelled in the Philippines for kitesurfing, as the availability was only concentrated in Boracay. Now that there are many other kitesurf school in the country, the kitesurf equipments such as boards, kites and lines are much more easy to access.

We recommend to buy gears from a reputable school, who's proven to try its best in term of customer satisfaction, as we do in Kite In Negros.

We sell our used kites, after having inspected them and making sure that they are in good flying conditions.

We also try to adapt ourselves to the market demand and propose cheap kites, with still a great lifetime ahead.

All our kites have been tested, pumped and checked.

In case they have been repaired, the fix was done in the local kite factory and then tested to ensure that the repair has not impaired the flying hability.

All the bars have been checked and balanced.

Bandit 2018 6m with bar - 700 € (44.000 Php)

Bandit 2018 10 with bar - 600€ {repaired} (35000 Php)

Bandit 2018 12m with bar - 800 € (47000 Php)

Bandit 2018 14m with bar - 850 € (50000 Php)

Bandit 2019 8m with bar - 600 € {repaired} (35000 Php)

Bandit 2019 7m with bar - 800 € (47000 Php)

Bandit 2019 9m with bar - 700 € {repaired} (44.000 Php)

Bandit 2019 9m with bar - 900 € (53000 Php)

Bandit 2019 10m with bar - 900 € (53000 Php)

Bandit 2019 12m with bar - 1100 € (65000 Php)

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