Best kitesurfing spot in Philippines

We will only talk in this post about the period from November till May, as the wind is the best and that's the period where everyone comes to travel in the Philippines.

Let's assume that you are already a kitesurfer and you're willing to spend time in kitesurfing, more than in sleeping or any other useless activity... your main goal is to kite your rage of your guts and enjoy the wind as much as possible during your kitesurf trip in the Philippines.

Manjuyod Sandbar

1 hours north of Dumaguete, it's tricky to get there as you've got to play with the tide and rent a boat. Hopefully, KIN organize trips to the sandbar on regular basis More Info?

Kitesurf Manjuyod Bais

Zamboanguita - Cockpit Beach

Philippines Kitesurf Jump

This spot was found by Kite In Negros (and Brian) few years ago. It is located 27 km south of Dumaguete.

The wind stats are over the top, with 95% of windy days, Kite In Negros as found one of the windiest and most consistent kitesurf spot in the Philippines. More Info

Philippines Kitesurfing Darkslide


Massive Wave

This spot is not for the faint at heart. Small kites and big waves are to be expected. Definitely not a beginner friendly spot :) Boracay:

Kitesurf crowd boracay

Somehow we still have to speak about the touristic island as it still drains the most kitesurfer in the country for some reason. Go there if you're missing the crowd! You will say that this post is biased! Yes it is! I won't mention spots that are affected by the tide in such a way that 50% of the time = not kitesurfable, I will not speak neither of spot that are created because there's a few guy who kite in 15 meters once in a while and that have become popular for some other reasons, as tourism was already there.

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