First Kitesurf Drone video - Dumaguete

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Kite In Negros is now shooting kitesurf video with a drone.

We are using a drone to take kitesurf video of our students and to debrief their lessons with us. It gives crazy footage and we are super stocked to be able to offer such a cool service to the students of our kitesurf school near Dumaguete.

To get more informations about the Kitesurf Video Coaching - CLICK HERE

2 hours of Video coaching with drone, Gopro and beach camera instructor for less than 100$

Equipment used for the shooting:

- Drone Phantom 4

- Kite Bandit F-One 14m 2016

- Rider - François

- Drone dude - Colin

- Edited with Imovie

- Shot in Zamboanguita - South of Dumaguete - Philippines, during Habagat Season.

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