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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Kitesurf in Dumaguete, Philippines.

Welcome to one of the best kitesurfing area in the world: Dumaguete. We have 6-7 months with permanent wind per year… The wind stats are over the roof and you’ll kite in a not crowded environment.

Kitesurf Philippines, Apo, Kitesurf Dumaguete
Kitesuf Apo Dumaguete

Dumaguete is located on Negros Island in the Visaya Region, south of Cebu, one hour flight from Manila. You can reach Dumaguete from Cebu or Manila by air or boat. Soon (2022) the airport will grow up to the international level and flights from Asia’s main hubs (Hong-kong, Seoul) will be available. Check Here, for how to get there.

Dumaguete is a city of approx 200.000 people, with great universities, bar and restaurants and malls. There are plenty of activities to do in Dumaguete. Kitesurfing indeed, few km south of the city, in Zamboanguita… but not only. Waterfalls, diving, hiking, hot springs… everything is available within 1h bike ride of Dumaguete. Check here all the activities around Dumaguete

The city is in general very safe. Only few incident are to be reported, which is not unusual in a city of this size. You can walk in the town center and the boulevard at night without fearing to be annoyed by anyone.

It’s a relax city… In Dumaguete, people tend to be less stressed than in other major municipalities of the Philippines, the breezy atmosphere is maybe a factor?

Kitesurfing started in the area of Dumaguete since 2015, when Kite In Negros was created. Before this, only few lucky ones had the chance to ride around.

Previously and still, Dumaguete was renowned for it’s beautiful diving sites, in Dauin and Apo Island. The tourism developed around underwater actives and resort flourished sparsely on the shoreline of Dauin and Zamboanguita. Diving school are now very accessible, as pretty much every resort is having diving lessons with in-house instructors.

In terms of accommodation for tourists, you have different type of possibility… let us know in Kite In Negros if we can help you finding the best spot for you!

  • For party goers, in the city, not far from the boulevard, in the heard of the nightlife, several hotels of good quality are available with room starting at 30$/night

  • For relentless kitesurfers, Zamboanguita and Dauin seem to be the best option, since you’ll be too tired to party anyway. Several good hotel, with pool and air conditioned room, can host you for starting 30-40$, with breakfast.

  • For budget travellers, some accommodations are available in Dauin for about 15$ a night for a single room or 8$/ person for a dorm… your breakfast will be at the nearest bakery :)

  • For long term rental, there are few options available in Dauin and in Zamboanguita, let us know if you’re in need of such a service.

  • Camping is possible, on the kite spot, for 6$ a night (we have coffee…)

In terms of transport, again, several options

  • From Dumaguete airport, located in Sibulan, the easiest option is to get a van to pick you up at the terminal and bring you to the spot or your accommodation. The vans drivers are waiting in front of the airport terminal. 800 pesos (15$) will bring you to Zamboanguita, at the kitesurf spot located near the cockpit. This way, if you are carrying kitesurfing equipment with you, you won’t have the hassle of loading and unloading your board-bag several time.

  • Bike rentals are available about everywhere in Dumaguete, although the best place to get a good bike is near the shell station at the belfry (central plaza). 400 pesos a day (8$) / 2000 a week (40$) / 5000 a month (100$). Bike is a great way to go around, although the traffic is a bit different in Philippines, compared to what “Westerners” are used to… Be careful, don’t drive fast, always wear a helmet and be very cautious at night as not all the streets are properly illuminated

  • Local transport is fairly easy to use and cheap. You can travel from Dumaguete to Zamboanguita by bus / Jeepney for about 25 pesos (50 cents $). There are tricycle always around, for short distance transportation. If you hop in a tricycle in Dumaguete, you’ll get a ride for 10 pesos, sharing the vehicle with other people. A private ride will be around 40-100 pesos, depending on the distance.

Dumaguete kitesurf - pedicab
Dumaguete Tricycle - Perfect Ride to the spot

The kite spot… 1 only viable option: ZAMBOANGUITA!!

The only option for you is to come to Zamboanguita to kitesurf. Others might have different opinion, but based on the last 5 years, there has never been a best location than Zamboanguita in terms of wind reliability. When few km up north, you can’t fly on a foil, in Zamboanguita, you’ll be riding in 10-11m… That’s it!

  • The spot is not crowded, you’ve got plenty of space to play

  • Some areas are flat, some have more kickers… in general it is a great progression playground.

  • The water is not shallow, perfect for foiling in lightwind or not being scared of underwater obstacle, even at low tide.

  • There are some fisherman passing in front of the spot, Kite In Negros is respecting them and we take a break when they pass (every hour, a flag is waved by the kitesurf beach manager...10 minutes break or make a run offshore), which is perfect to take a sip of water and reapply some sunscreen!

  • We have the only kite-shop in the region, fully equipped with 20 kites ranging from 5 to 14m, all recent.

  • F-one Bandit and HydeSails kites are available for test and we can arrange the delivery of those kites to your home in Europe / USA if you’re interested

  • We have foils, strapless, twin tips… all in super good condition

  • Rentals are available (60$ for full set of gears/day - 300$/week)

  • We have WOO to measure the height of your jump! The Best kitesurf Jump in the Philippines in 2019 is at about 15m!

  • For more info, click here

Kitesurf Philippines - Dumaguete - Jump
Dumaguete Kitesurf Jump

  • Our kite spot is equipped with toilet and shower, racks to hang the gears and dry them in the shade

  • We do also have private lockers for people who bring their own equipment to store them safely

  • We organise Kitesurfing trips around Negros and Siquijor as well as downwinders

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