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This is not a famous spot, this is not the best spot for Habagat, but it works. Siquijor is a great place for tourists and also for Kitesurfers in the Philippines.

Kitesurf Siquijor - Kitesurf Dumaguete
Kitesurf Siquijor - Kitesurf Dumaguete - 7 AM session

Spot Description: San Juan

The water is flat to choppy, depending on the tide. It usually get more flat as the tide is going down, as the waves can't pass over the reef anymore. The launching area can be a bit tricky as the wind is onshore and the beach is narrow. If you can, launch in the water.

The first 50-70 meters of the in the water are in sandy / grassy bottom. Be careful, there could be some sea urchin and broken corals, so protect your feet.

A bit further away, the water gets a bit deeper, but at low tide, you can see some small coral pinacle... no foiling in Siquijor :(

The wind:

Slightly turbulent close to the shore due to the onshore nature of the spot. The wind is onshore to side onshore during Habagat Season. Habagat is not a consistent trade wind, it is rather a vacuum from low pressure in the West Pacific Ocean. So the wind in not guarantee during a kitesurf trip in Siquijor. Although from July to October, you have a good chance to be able to kite

Kitesurf Siquijor - Kite In Negros
Kitesurf Siquijor - Kite In Negros

Playing with the tide:

You have to adjust your riding time with the tide. Last time Kite In Negros team was in Siquijor, the high tide was at 11AM, which is perfect to get a morning AND afternoon session. We still had to stop riding at 4PM as the level of water was becoming dangerously low.

Hotel and Accommodation:

Kite In Negros would recommend you to go to JJ's Backpacker. it is located right in front of the spot, you can pump your kite on the beach and the owners are super nice.

Kitesurf Siquijor - Backpacker
Kitesurf Siquijor - Backpacker

An alternative option would be to go to One sunset, the neighbour. It is slightly more expensive but you can get room with A/C and access to a pool.

Kitesurf Siquijor - Hotel
Kitesurf Siquijor - Hotel

What kites should i bring?

That's a tricky question... look at the forecasts on and take all your kites anyway. During Habagat season, the weather is changing regularly and there's a good chance that you'll need either a 7 or a 14m... Forget about your foil, even with a short past. Strapless can be considered at high tide.

The best advice : Bring booties!

If there's no wind?

Explore the Island, rent a scooter and visit the water falls in Cambugahay Falls, 30 minutes away from the spot. There are some nice beach in the North of the island (Salagdoong)

waterfalls - Kitesurf Trip Siquijor
waterfalls - Kitesurf Trip Siquijor

How to get there:

By boat indeed!

From Dumaguete - Either you'll arrive in Siquijor town or in Larena. There are 2 shipping companies departing from Dumaguete. Check the schedule ahead! The ferry takes about 1hour from Dumaguete. You can either rent a bike when you arrive at the peer, or take a tricycle to get to San Juan (300 pesos for private transport).

Kitesurf Siquijor - Kite In Negros
Kitesurf Siquijor - Kite In Negros

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