Strapless Philippines kitesurfing Dumaguete

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

An afternoon kitesurf session near Dumaguete. Small waves, perfect for practicing strapless control in the waves.

Kite : Bandit XII 9m

Board: DSD Stallion 5'4

Rider: Poor level but happy :)

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Kite In Negros has a large panel of kitesurfing strapless board, made by Radical-X and F-One.

We offer kitesurf strapless training at our kitespot of Zamboanguita.

Get 2 hours of strapless kitesurfing coaching for less than 100€, all gears included!

To learn more about strapless kitesurfing in Philippines and particularly strapless kitesurf in Dumaguete area, contact us or click here

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