Unboxing F-One 2020 Linx Bar

Kite In Negros is a kitesurfing school near Dumaguete in Philippines.

Kite In Negros had the chance to receive the latest bar from F-one.


  • Available in 2 sizes: 4 lines: 52/45 cm – 45/38 cm Adjustable bar length

  • One line flag out system

  • Manual swivel to untwist your front lines

  • Only one bar for BANDIT, BREEZE, FURTIVE & TRUST

  • Kite steering more precise and more durability

  • The power lines can be spread, either just above the trim to form a Low V or through the splitter to for a high V to use with the Bandit 2020.

Linx Bar 2020 F-one 4 lines

We didn't have the chance to used this bar yet, but since the season is starting early this year, we will have the chance to test this bar pretty soon and see how it works.

Key weakness of the bar last year

  • Stretch on the power lines

  • Cover of the Hollow Cleat was getting damaged quickly

  • Broken seem inside of the chicken loop

  • Colour Fading quickly

Hopefully this year F-one has reviewed this issues and we will have a great bar for 2020 season and some great Kitesurfing In Dumaguete

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