Unboxing Voodoo kite

Here in Kite In Negros, we got our hands on the latest kite of Hyde Sails / Hyde kite.

It's a Single Strut kite for light wind / foiling. What the designers (Dano See - DSD Mfg) says about it:

"The Voodoo was specifically designed for ease of use and simplicity. Its light weight 1-strut frame makes it a clean match for any Kite Foiling kite, works wonders for students with its steady pull, closed arc shape for relaunch and stability. The increased ON/OFF power delivery makes it even excels in the waves. If you hate heavy kites and like to travel this is the most user friendly kite on the market. Specifically Designed for: School, Wave, Freeride, Boosting."

Earlier this year, we've tested this kite in 12m, when it was still in the development phase. In the air, this kite was very soft, a good and steady pull. We've tried it riding a twintip and also foiling. The result were very positive!

Very soon, you'll get some more video of this kite in Action.

It works perfectly with any 4 lines bar that has a low V. This bar is perfect for this kite

In Kite In Negros, we have this Voodoo in 8-10-12 and 14m, available for test.

If you want to buy this kite - Have a look HERE.

If you want to test if for free, contact us!

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